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Join us through the mad world of flowers.
A world where artistic temperament meets the billion-dollar industry.

With a global annual worth of over $104 billion and an estimated £2.2 billion at the retail level in the UK (the music industry is worth around £2 billion). There is undoubtedly power behind the flower. This series will delve into the ‘Crazy World of Flowers’. With the help of our team of Mad Florists, we will explore the diverse, wacky and spectacular floral world full of passion and creative design, whilst revealing an industry which grows on average 6% globally a year and an obsession which now extends across all gender and ages.

Colourful, flamboyant and full of creative temperament, our florists will lead us on our journey throughout the world of flowers.

Think Hairy Bikers meets Choccywoccydoodah, Our Mad Florists will be looking into local tastes and styles, stumbling on the surreal and enjoying the bizarre nature of showcase builds and designs. No matter what the occasion - from garden parties to country weddings, from grand ballroom galas to vast charity celebrity events.

Throughout the series, our Mad Florists will look to educate, entertain and surprise the viewers with the truly vast world that floristry has to offer while making us laugh and smile along the way

We will be introduced to NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) who have over 55,000 members throughout the UK all of whom are passionately bonkers about everything flowers.

Hatch, Match and Dispatch

Births, Marriages and Deaths are all a major contributor to this huge industry. Throughout the series, we will learn how to create speed bouquets, cover ‘DIY flowers' for such occasions and possibly throw in the odd challenge for our florists along the way.

Meet the Wholesalers.

Wholesale, distribution, thousands of varieties of flowers, demanding florists and designers with creative temperaments are all a recipe for disaster if not managed properly. We will meet those who work through day and night in order to keep this industry ticking and ensure these huge orders are delivered on time without a deadhead insight.

Meet the Growers.

What does it take to be a grower or breeder?

From Dutch growers whose skills have been passed down through generations to nations such as Kenya, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Columbia and Malaysia, in an industry where natural disasters can tip the balance of trade at any given time.

What does it take to distribute fresh-cut flowers and what timelines are involved? Throughout the series, we will follow varieties of flowers from their source to the final destination.

Meet the Powers behind the Flowers.

Flowers are big business, throughout the series, we will meet the big players from the likes of Lucas Vos, CEO at ‘FloraHolland’ to some of the highest-paid designers, a far cry from our talented NAFAS members but still part of the same crazy world.

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