Amy Thornton

Assistant Producer

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We take you through the entire production process...

Here at Studio RTR our experienced producers will take you through the entire production process.

From the initial brief right through to broadcast. 

The process includes:

Creative Development

  • Conceptualisation

  • Script

  • Storyboard

  • Casting

  • Location Management

Clearcast Clearance

  • Our producers will deal with  the clearing process of your Ad with Clearcast from the initial script stage through to the clocked submission.


  • Principle Photography

  • Post - Production

  • Music

  • Graphics

  • QC Broadcast Checks

Delivery to Sky TV

  • Final QC

  • Delivery to Channels via Peach.

The Cost

TV Ad's will like most things in life vary in cost. There is the initial 'CREATIVE' cost and the cost of your 'MEDIA' spend.

Here at Studio RTR as a production company we deal with the 'CREATIVE' element of any production.

Production costs will vary depending on your type of production requirements.

Our production pricing is bespoke due to the nature of our work but we have provided 3 guide packages that may suit small to medium-sized businesses.

Film Production


A great introduction to the world of  TV Advertising. Utilising footage/video content you may already have (pending quality). Creatively re-edited and put together by our talented team here at RTR. With additional  Voiceover, graphics and music to really make your AdSmart Ad stand out.

Includes Clearcast Clearing and Peach delivery to Sky TV.

£3,650 plus VAT

Film Production


Great for smaller budgets, providing a polished high production feel. With either a single location or small studio shoot.

Including a small cast/presenter, voiceover, graphics and music.

A  great way to promote your brand or product.

Includes Clearcast Clearing and Peach delivery to Sky TV.

Ranging from

£6,750 - £9,750 plus VAT



Ideal for a budget and production that require a larger cast list, varied locations or studio sets, 3D graphics/animations, voiceover, graphics and music.

Includes Clearcast Clearing and Peach delivery to Sky TV.

Ranging from

£12,000 - £25,000 plus VAT

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 AdSmart from Sky, Yorkshire

As a preferred AdSmart production partner our team here at Studio RTR works with brand campaigns of all sizes.

From the initial concept, undertaking all aspects of the production process.

Creating the storyboard, dealing with Clearcast pre-clearance, all levels of pre-production and the actual production right through to approvals, final clearance, and transmission.

Ensuring production is on time and budget.

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